Who is eligible to join PJC Year-2
Any PJC Member of the Somanath batch i.e. who joined PJC Year-1 in the year 2019-20 is eligible to join
Any PJC Member of an earlier batch who wishes to repeat the year, is also welcome to join
Who can attend the Contact Class
Only those PJC Year-2 Members who have registered for this course online are eligible to attend the Somanath Class. There are no fees for the Somanath contact classes.
Joining Options
There are three options to join PJC Year-2 in 2020. There is the Standard Fees $1080 which can be paid in full upfront or a slightly more expensive Subscription option of $108 per month.
Finally we also have scholarships for many of those deserving students who cannot pay for the PJC Course. Before you choose a subsidized fee, bear in mind that we would need the prior approval of the Course Mentor Kaartik Gor.
Your Mentor will register your email in PJC Year-2 Website ONLY after you are approved and have paid. Do not register before that.

Joining Options Academic PJC Year-2 (2019-23 Batch)

Early Bird (Dec) Full Fees
$900 $1080
One-time One-time
Single ₹67,000
$900Web Access
Optional Contact Class
No Hassles
Single ₹80,000
$1080Web Access
Optional Contact Class
No Hassles


Subscribe Scholarship
$108 $600
Monthly One-time
12 Payments
₹8,000/$108 per monthWeb Access
Optional Contact Class
Report Payment to Mentor
Single ₹45,000/$600
Web Access
Optional Contact Class
Prior Approval Must
Note: Scholarships and limited and have to be pre-approved by the Mentor Kaartik Gor. Those seeking scholarship/subsidy need to petition him. Petitions can be rejected without giving any explanation. It is the prerogative of the mentor to accept and admission is subject only to her approval only.

Important Notice

  1. The fees are based on the economy of the region as well as the number of days the mentor is likely to spend in contact course. Fees do not include travel and stay costs as well as any incidentals for the contact classes. Contact Classes are (optional).
  2. Students attending the contact classes are expected to give Guru Dakṣiṇa as this is the traditional way. Fees indicate above do not include guru dakṣiṇa. This is optional and is based on the heart of the student and appreciation for all that he receives. It is the vedic way which we must learn.
  3. Contact classes will be held in Locations chosen by the Mentor. Your contact course dates will be announced by your mentor at the forum

Author: Sanjay Rath

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