6b4zThe syllabus for each academic year of the PJC is based on Topics which include some chapters of the monumental classic under study – Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra. Please note that while we intend to complete each Academic Year in a calendar year, this may not happen as it is possible that the students are likely to take more time for this. In the past we have found the correlation to be about two calendar years for each Academic Year.

This additional Academic Year had to be added in view of the huge volume of work that needed to be done for PJC Year-2 which included all the sixteen divisional charts as well as quite a few variations. The Fees quoted for each PJC Year relate to the entire Academic Year.

Topics BPHS Chapters
10. Bala
29. Strength Sources, Sadbala
30. Ishta and Kashta Phala
31. Bhāva padas
32. Upapada
33. Argalā or planetary intervention
Additional Topics: Varṇadā, Varṇadā Daśā, Tilādi lakṣana etc.

Author: Sanjay Rath

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